"1st Wimborne GB is a lovely and friendly place where everyone is included. My daughter looks forward to going every week. She has lots of fun and GB teaches her to be helpful, caring and to value others. The girls all get on really well." Ms Adcock, parent of Keeley age 7

"I like Mondays because it's GB! I like doing all the games and singing songs." Emily, age 10

"I like all the friendly leaders and playing different fun games that you wouldn't do anywhere else. The leaders have helped me to try new things that I never thought I could do!" Gabrielle, age 10

"GB is a great place for girls to meet new friends, take part in lots of exciting activities and learn about Christianity in a safe and supportive environment. The leaders are fantastic and receive wonderful support from members of the church. The leaders are always striving to do new and exciting things." Mrs Cook, parent of Olivia age 11

"I love GB because we always do lots of art and fun games, which are my favourite." Shannon, age 8

I love Girls' Brigade. I don't like it when it's the holidays because we can't go!" Lauren, age 6

"My daughter's absolutely love GB. It is one of the highlights of their week. They enjoy completing different badges and regularly have the opportunity to try out new things that they haven't experienced before. If they are reluctant to try something new they are supported by the GB officers so that they can experience success." Mr Adams, parent of Elouisa age 5 and Lissy age 4

"I learnt to skip at GB. I really like skipping!" Lilly, age 7

"I like all the great leaders and I enjoy learning more about God and playing team games." Olivia, age 11