About Girls' Brigade (GB)

GB is a Christian uniformed organisation that is active in over 60 countries worldwide and whose history dates back an amazing 120+ years. GB is led by fully qualified volunteer leaders, who are all DBS checked with designated first aiders.

Girls are split up into different sections, according to their age. However, we do enjoy a number of whole company nights where all ages mix together like one big family!

Our Explorer programme is called n:vestigate.

With the help of cartoon characters and puppets: Gabby, Barney and Fudge the dog our 4-7 year olds 'n:vestigate' further familiar topics such as Ourselves, Our Friends, and Our Favourite Foods. Explorers work towards different badges throughout the year. All badges include fun activities such as dance, music, crafts, cooking and games.

Our Junior programme is called n:gage.

Each badge helps our 8-10 year olds to 'n:gage' in a crucial value that will help them in life, such as kindness, friendship, perseverance and co-operation. Each value is linked to a Bible character, which helps our girls to see how the Bible is relevant today. Badge work involves fun activities such as drama, music, cooking, games, crafts, dance and much more!

Our Senior programme is called n:counta.

We help our 11-13 year olds to meet real life head on; equipping them to tackle and 'n:counta' life’s challenges as they begin the transition from a child to a teenager. Examples of badges include My Community, Global Citizens, Values and Inner Beauty. Seniors experience loads of fun on a Monday night and always have lots of giggles, oh and did I mention the eating?!

Our Brigader programme is called n:spire.

Our 14-18 year olds tackle their 'n:spire' badges differently as they take up challenges and seek to find ways to fulfil them. This equips the girls for the tasks ahead as they leave home and start their independent lives. Using their Bibles they learn how to put God first in everything they do. Examples of badges include Technology, Creativity, Community Volunteers and Coping with Pressure.